My public projects and those to which I contribute can be found on my github page.

  • statsmodels

    Statsmodels is the main project that I work on. It provides the ability to do statistical modeling in Python. We've been working on it since 2009 and are always looking for good contributions.
  • wbquery

    Wbquery is a Python project for querying the World Bank data API. Data are returned as either pandas Series or DataFrames. There is probably some bit rot in this project. Get in touch with me, if you're interested in pushing this forward.
  • python-iso3166

    This is an implementation of the iso3166 standard for country names. It provides a convenient way to look up a country's name as well as their numeric, alpha-2, and alpha-3 codes. I make some but not much effort to keep this up to date.
  • This Site

    This site was created using Pelican. You can browse and fork the source on github.


My public scripts can all be found on my gist page.



    Recration of Tufte graphic using matplotlib. [Image]

    Get translations using the Google Translate API.

    An implementation of Stata's webuse in Python. This is now included in statsmodels

    A context manager that will text you when it is done running some code.

    A translation of Stata's orthpoly.ado in Python.

    Draw spirals in matplotlib.

    Un-google-ify URLs from Google search. useful for getting the download URL for a pdf, for example.


  • R2array.R

    Convert R matrices and vectors to numpy arrays.


  • mat2nparray.ado

    Make a list of Stata matrices importable as Python objects.
  • bigmat.ado

    Put a variable or variable list into a matrix even if it's bigger than matsize.
  • cls.ado

    Clear the screen in the Stata GUI.



    Shell script to delete Python package from dist-packages.

    Change to a directory in which a Python package is installed.

    A prompt that includes the GitHub branch that you are on.

    Some helpful .bashrc aliases.