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The final project will consist of a short (5-7 pages) research paper in which you attempt to answer a research question or in which you introduce a computational method and demonstrate applications. The paper should be accompanied by at the least 300 lines of self-contained code - not including documentation. It must be done in Python, using numpy, or a project in the numpython stack. It should include tests, documentation, and examples. It should be available on Github or a similar hosting service for version controlled software. Projects should likely be one of the following, though you are welcome to talk to me about other options.

  1. Original research question
  2. A research problem from the textbook
  3. Work on a scientific computing tool
  1. Original research question. Formulate a research question that you would like to attempt to answer using computational tools. This can be based on work from another class, for example, or something related to your job.
  2. Choose a project from the textbook. There are suggested projects at the end of each section. Find a modeling technique that of interest to you, choose one of the suggested projects, and develop a project around this.
  3. Work on a scientific computing tool. If you are interested in working on a tool, then your project will likely be a part of a bigger project (for example, numpy, scipy, pandas, matplotlib, networkx, etc.). Most of the python scientific computing projects are hosted on github. If you don’t have an enhancement in mind, have a look through the existing issues of a project on github, and see if anything looks like it could make a good project. A good project, will be more than a simple bug fix. Ideally, this project will culminate in a pull request.

Group Projects

Part of the focus of the course is to introduce tools for collaborative research; therefore, group projects will be accepted. If you are doing a group project, then you need to clearly dilineate who will be working on what in your project prospectus. With github, I will easily be able to see who contributes what to assign grades accordingly.


If you are going to be constructing a data-driven model, start early on getting your data and getting it into shape.

Think of this as more than a grade. The code for this project and your accompanying paper can make nice additions to a resume. If you are able to point to your work github - be it this project or any other code you write, potential employers are much more likely to be able to assess your skills to see if you deserve an interview.

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