Introduction to Simulation and Modeling (Spring 2013)

Class Number: CSC-432

Meeting Times: Monday/Thursday 5.20-6.35PM SCAN 157

Syllabus: See Class Info

Instructor: Skipper Seabold <>

Office Hours: Thursday 2.00-4.00 Kreeger 122 and by appointment.

Course Overview

This is a course in scientific computing, or computational science. In addition to the domain-specific knowledge possessed by a researcher, the practice of modern science demands a broad range of mathematical, computational, and statistical skills. This course will help equip you with these skills by approaching domain-specific applied problems in such a way as to emphasize the computational issues at hand and the tools used to solve them. We will cover system dynamics models, cellular automaton simulations, and a few foundational modern statistical techniques for learning from data, or machine learning.